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Welcome to the Center of Dynamic Growth 

Personal Development based in Phoenix, AZ, serving the world. 

Are past events or old thinking holding you back? For many of us, past traumas and outdated modes of thinking keep us from seizing life’s potentials.

Are you still searching for a breakthrough? Do you want to resolve and release your anxiety or depression holistically? Together, we can begin a new path to your recovery by resolving the root cause of your problems at the source.

Many people who have tried traditional talk therapy have not been able to move beyond the limitations of their thinking; at the Center of Dynamic Growth we understand that all memories are stored in the subconscious mind and only by resolving them at a subconscious level can permanent change occur.

Do you feel you are destined for something greater? Are you frustrated at not reaching your full potential? Do you feel you are unable to identify the way to move ahead? You know that there’s more that you can do and maybe you just need someone to facilitate your journey forward.

Wouldn’t you like to be passionate about your job, or in your relationships? What’s keeping from realizing your desires? Working with Shira Raymond, you can awaken the possibilities by changing the way you think!

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Open your mind to the possibilities with Shira Raymond, a Life Coach, Mind, Body Transformational Psychologist, and Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Learn to:

Change the stories you tell yourself
Stop your limiting beliefs
Heal old traumas and change them to success-fuel
Find your purpose and live it
Challenge your own negative thoughts and transform them
Move beyond your guilt, traumas
Learn strategies you can employ on a daily basis

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Ready for a Breakthrough?

Book Your Free Coaching Session Now!

Shira Raymond is dedicated to rewriting your mental scripts that limit your success and keep you from doing everything you want and living the life you deserve!

Take control of your life through Mind/Body Transformational Psychology, Life Coaching, and Hypnotherapy. Shira can work with you from her offices in Phoenix, AZ, or online via videoconferencing.

  • Get a clear sense of yourself, your purpose, and your success
  • Move your life to a higher level
  • Overcome your own negative self-talk and seize your life
  • Learn mindfulness and be part of your own inner peace
A complete, content life is yours. All you need to Awaken the Possibilities inside of you!

Meet Shira Raymond

Hello. I’m Shira Raymond.

Feeling stuck? Fearful? Anxious? Lost? I understand. I’ve been there.

Today, I am blessed to be able to fast-track my clients from a state of anxiety and confusion to a place of empowerment and clarity.

Using transformational coaching, hypnotherapy, and more to help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

I’ve seen hundreds of my clients Awaken the Possibilities within themselves and discover their fully realized, most powerful lives.

Please join me for a free coaching session!

Let’s see what we can do to take you to your greatest heights.

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Embrace your life of power, strength, and happiness by finding your true self underneath layers of old emotions, pains, and experiences. Together, we can rewrite your reactions to your past and help you find the purpose of your life!

Are You Ready for a Breakthrough?

Book Your Free Coaching Session Now!

Transformation Coaching Worldwide

When we rely on the conscious mind for change, we are relying on our willpower alone on a conscious level. The subconscious mind however, is the seat of our beliefs, memories, trauma and self sabotaging behavior. It is stronger than the conscious mind, and can be reprogrammed allowing us to redefine our goals and transform our motivations to achieve positive change at a subconscious level. At Center of Dynamic Growth, we use hypnosis as a modality to rewrite our negative beliefs for positive change thus having a positive effect on our mental health and overall well being.

Transformation Coaching, Emotional Therapy, Neuro Linguistic P, and Hypnotherapy.

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Are You Ready To Break Through?